Saturday, June 8, 2013

Group Activity: Group 9 Reflection

Group 9 chose the target language of Chinese, with an interpersonal mode of communication, and a novice level. They use culture and comparisons in their goals. Their topic is food description. I was able to listen to sections A, C, and D, but section B was too low to hear. One of their objectives is to help the students practice using "like" and "don't like" using different foods. The tool they use are Skype for the students to chat and communicate and they want comparisons so that students can say "A is more is more [insert adjective] than B". Section C addressed the assessment and said they depend on work comparisons. Their example was using 3 Chinese foods and comparing them to 3 American foods. What I would change in this activity is to use pictures or have the food to show over video for these comparisons, as well as ask my students to search online the common culture associations with each food. Also the activity to practice the new vocabulary should include a different technology tool, like Tagxedo to aid in the writing practice of the words. I do like the topic that Group 9 chose. It's popular, interesting, and students would engage in it quickly using the comparisons. The assessment should not depend only on one worksheet because note every student will acquire writing one sentence in the same time frame that this assessment will take. I suggest that the student can use their Voicethread or Vocaroo to record their pronunciations during this activity in addition to the written part. It would also be nice if the teacher found a kids song that related to the topic, because it'll help the student remember the pronunciation and stick with it. 

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